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Effective Air Conditioners

Cool down your home or business with air conditioners (AC) purchased from COOL ONE HEATING & COOLING in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. When you turn to our company, you'll be able to buy the right cooling equipment to fit into any space. We carry a wide variety of sizes. Each of our AC units produces crisp and cold air to make even the hottest room feel comfortable.

You'll love how our units work, as each is designed to cool down all types of buildings. Turn to us for your AC needs. We are sure we have the right product for you.

A/C Unit


If you are looking for an efficient and affordable air conditioner, we have you covered. Our company is selling a large selection of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) units. We have SEER air conditioning machines that come in several different sizes. The size range is from 1 to 6 tons, which are designed to be used in any type of building.

Cost-Efficient Prices

As far as prices, our units are available at very reasonable rates. Our prices start at a fair $1,500. You don't have to be worried about buying a defective product. We also include a labor and parts warranty with each order.